O P Bhatnagar is Probably the most major voices of Indian English poetry whose collections Assumed Poems (1976), Emotion Fossils (1977), Angels of Retreat (undated), The Audible Landscape, Oneric Visions, Shadows in Floodlight (1984) and Cooling Flames of Darkness (2001) bespeak of political consciousness of the poet. Since it is clear Lower indisputable fact that Indian English poetry can under no circumstances stay away from the socio-political environment of India and poets who usually do not write beneath a single formulation but alternatively start a dialogue amongst ‘person and guy’ so Bhatnagar far too specials with a variety of issues of our Modern society and politics. Dr. A.N. Dwivedi remarks:

“Bhatnagar’s poetry comprehends a great number of themes which right concentrate on the very long ness of his expertise and the solemnity of his involvement inside the affairs of everyday living.” (CIE217)

Bhatnagar’s tackling of political theme is more agency and larger than almost every other Indian English poet for he has touched Pretty much each of the areas of political circumstance. Dr.V.K.Singh observes:
“We find in Bhatnagar a frank analysis from the details of contemporary existence. Bhatnagar descants upon myriad areas of political existence as present at this time. No salient function escapes his keenly discerning eye. Bhatnagar rips open the bosom of several political riddles. He mirrors in advance of us precisely what is what of all political issues.” (152)

Themes like election, bribery, corruption, criminalization of politics, rampant bribery Among the many leaders degrading character of countrywide leaders, division of Culture by communalism, castism, linguism, and regionalism etc plus the utter lack of values in politics are touched by the poet in the remarkably delicate and fantastically sarcastic way which remains to be not becoming surpassed by any poet of Indian English Poetry. His assertion that ‘Indian Poetry in English should be Indian’ cannot be disregarded if we aspire to advertise Indian Literature. Just copying and coping with the English and English Literature is insufficient due to the fact Indian sensibility is not really struggling with the penury of feelings, thoughts and sensibility and because it has its foundation vitality and voice of potentiality. Dr. R.C. Sharma is right when he suggests:

“The key reason why why Bhatnagar advocates generating Indian Poetry in English is beset with conflicts and fears; and these conflicts and concerns are basically Indian. Bhatnagar is acutely aware of your milieu wherein the Indian poet in English life as well as from the duty which the Indian poet in English has to execute.”(79)

O.P.Bhatnagar has dealt with a number of themes like social consciousness, political awareness, love, mother nature, philosophy and Indianness. As outlined by Dr. A. N. Dwivedi:

Bhatnagar’s poetry comprehends an excellent assortment of themes, which specifically concentrate on the largeness of his experienceand the solemnityof his involvement within the affairs of his lifestyle. (CIE,217)

In this manner Bhatnagar understands the tempo and temperature of his moments and appropriately orchestrates his poetry. Bhatnagar’s working with the theme of politics is myriad and real. The different social troubles that agitate the conscience of man are the subjects of his poetry and he tries to toss a great deal of light-weight on all of these. S.C.Bose observes:

“The poetry of O.P.Bhatnagar that has in fact lots of Proportions is also substantial as poetry of political consciousness.” (V. V., 29)

The frank Evaluation of the fact of modern lifestyle, as well as the picturesque delineation make his poetry vibrant and interesting. In accordance with Bhatnagar:

“Almost all of the very important regions of the daily life today are ruled by the quality of political life and atmosphere are generating and living. Politics right now has changed our religious method of life. We have been quickly turning into concerned with a style of nationalism that may outline our role and duties in the generating of the destiny of our Nation in future.” (RC, ‘Introduction’, 8)

As outlined by Bhatnagar:

Indian poetry in English should mostly problem to social and political life of the folks of India and it, ‘ought to democratize its concerns and relations to society and allow it to be a source of shared expectations…it should throw light-weight on the degeneration and corruption corroding identities. It need to communicate of the entire shed of ethical values, the gloom plus the frustrations pervading the Countrywide scene.” (RC, ‘Introduction’9)

Poetry for Bhatnagar is a continuing research and effort to symbolize for a greater socio-political life .to him, it is ‘a self mindful craft shaped and reshaped by frequent follow-refined and retouched By means of the vision. Like lifetime itself, it’s the operate of the gardener who right after eradicating all weeds cultivates it to ultimate growth and flowering. As a result there’s no affect of any particular university of assumed on his poetry. It really is fully his personal- a private experiment inspired by surroundings, ages, situations and earlier mentioned all by human predicament.

The first collection of Bhatnagar Believed Poems (1976) has fantastic offer of poems of political consciousness. The poems rich in considered written content deficiency in emotion like that of passionate poets but the first poem of the collection finds out the whole process of poetic generation. Bhatnagar writes:

“Poetry’s indicating
Like a deity in enshrined
Words on words and phrases, the edifice Create.” (T.P, 5)

Bhatnagar throws ample gentle to the issue regarding God who cannot be solved out in going around the temple through the worshipper. God is really a this means and deity enshrined in words and phrases of poem, the artist alone can expound and seek Him out:

“We may perhaps go round and around the temple
However by no means be all-around God.
We could go spherical and rand an idea
Still never ever be about a believed.” (ibid. 5)

In one of his poems, he predicts the long run as gloomy given that the present:

“The long run seems to be faded
Similar to the blossoms of cacti following dawn
The saints from bars, brothels and night clubs
Tasting of casinos and underworld
Change morals, values and virtues to ice-cream
Licked by exciting loving childness in cones.” (T.P, ten)

Within the poem ‘The new Scale’ Bhatnagar attempts to strike harmony involving a person guy’s meat is an additional gentleman’s poison. The poet finds the dictum worn out in the fashionable context ‘a simple and straightforward male actions lifetime in benefit spoons as he finds dishonesty being the meanest technique for everyday living’. The stark fact of existence could be witnessed as:

“A simple, sincere person
In a very worn out mode
Should still himself find
Measuring everyday living in worth spoons
Bribery, corruption and forgery

For him, a bitter poison be.” (T.P., 12)

Bhatnagar needs to opine that the one particular’s who amass prosperity are classified as the small problem with the desire with their fellow beings, nor do they really feel any immorality in acting rather contrary into the code of carry out. In A different poem ‘A Woe of Wonder’, Bhatnagar expresses our sentiments and helpless Frame of mind. The poet regrets the variety, disintegration that our region possesses currently. The emphasis of your poet is absolutely nothing but Nationality, one particular sentiment and just one Mindset. This concept is penned with the poet as:

“Our is a multiheaded state
On the lookout in no individual path
Trimurti is surely an all inclusive eyesight
From right here to eternity risen
Telling The story of our frivolity.” (T.P., 14)

In the same way from the poem ‘The Bonds of State Care’ the poet reviews about the loyalty and patriotism of Those people Indians who are amassing vanity, wealth and vanity by their services towards the international locations to which they may have immigrated. These so called loyal citizens and tireless patriots pay a visit to India for their very own cause:

“Loyal citizens happy with patriots
Under no circumstances forget about the treatment in their place
And fly back home on occasion
Possibly to select a bride just like a prince
Or invest in of kinds state a jewel of the land
Putting their kingdom in a safety of bands
Sealed with the loyal assurance with a wink
That Even though they do not belong to this country
It certain belongs for their empire.” (T. P., 15)

The second selection Experience Fossils has also some poems of political curiosity. Bhatnagar Even with dealing with the politics within an indirect method hardly fails to pin issue really uncommon phenomena that somehow keep on being hidden from the eye of even all those who have specialised in the game of politics. ‘Crossing The Bar’ is practical poem that lashes on the modern politicians. His touch upon the modern politicians is worthy of quoting:

“Morals as dense
As thick forests
Allow no gentle in;
The sport is weird
Searching loyalties
For romance.” (File.F, 16)

One more noteworthy poem ‘The No Person’s Land’ expresses the idea that flexibility has introduced no racial alter from the life of the people who find themselves still living the dark dungeon of poverty, illiteracy and justice. The movement of liberation was lifted via the masses but only couple of privileged Adult men came forward to control. And when the attempts and sacrifices from the masses resulted results those privileged couple of captured thrown in the country and ongoing ruling around the nation beneath the garb of democracy. Hence the poet feels appropriate:

“Before the British arrived
The land was not ours:
When they left,
It wasn’t ours also
The land belongs
To people who rule;
The Other individuals merely inherit
The no person’s land.” (F.F., 19)

The third selection Angles of Retreat has quite a few considered provoking poems during which the poet explores the which means of your time as is evaluated from your events emerging in the cave of materialism wedded to hypocrisy. The tone of the poet On this selection is satiric and ironical. While in the poem ‘History is often a Sorry go spherical’ the poet wishes to propound the historians typically ignore the significance of the people today at huge and they have a tendency to Enlarge the deeds of a few privileged Gentlemen. The political sycophants don’t have any other strategy for achieving the internet pages of History. The historians feel that their labor in recording titles and tortures serve the cause of National unity and stability and they’re served by political sycophants:

“Political sycophants are their aides
On whose beguiling predictions
They fireplace take in and conduct
The Japanese hearth-stroll displays
To dazzle the now dazed.” (A.R, forty)

Nevertheless political leaders and sycophants overlook which the tyrants and blood suckers should facial area a slide:

“A lot of suppression and far politicking
Ferments its individual defeat
Forcing the masses to forge
While in the smithy in their conscience
The invisible weapons of their conscience
The invisible weapons in their slide
Crowning disgrace within the foreheads of tyrants
And nailing bitter truths
On the crossroads periods.” (A.R.forty one)

‘Beggars is often Choosers’ is actually a outstanding poem wherein the poet extends his sympathy to the poor, homeless deceased and propounds that begging is not really an evil as those who are harbored by shallow careerists, dare devil smugglers and dishonest blackmarketeers. The beggars are away from the ailment of stress, alienation and lack of id and also the poet concludes:

“All my humanitarian technique
Appeared a snarl to me
And my reformist fervor a celluloid zeal
Minimal realizing that beggars also can be choosers
And small a lot less apprehending
Just how we can misinterpret each other
To help keep our irrational varieties heading
That in unlimited deceit
Conclude the designs of our destiny.” (A.R, forty three)

Equally, in A different poem ‘Ideas on the Election Day’ is yet another poem of political consciousness in which the poet ridicules and paints a really vivid and realistic photograph of ignorant voters and literate officials as follows:

“The ignorant voters of their plan
Queue up day-dreaming
As well as in a passion of the 2nd
Eliminate their oscitant indecision
Stamping symbols for guys.
With a handful of literates
Sealing illiterate favours in metal boxes
And recording the very pleased proportion of poll
A pretty reigns around the polling booths
Like mourners retired from their obsequies.” (A.R., 46)

The hope For brand spanking new political miracles soon after this sort of democratic phenomena in each five calendar year is finely portrayed with the poet who needs to express that Democracy is very little nevertheless the ugly deal with oppression and injustice.

The fourth collection of verse Oneric Visions indirectly muses in excess of the themes of politics whereby several fragments connected with political consciousness are scattered in the quantity. For instance while in the poem ‘If A person Starts off Inquiring Thoughts like Hamlet’ the poet presents a reference to politics: